Daily Reasoning Quiz @ Ranking related Verbal

1. In a class of 35 students, Prasanna is placed seventh from the bottom whereas Suganya is placed ninth from the top. Karthi is placed exactly in between the two. What is Prasanna’s position from Karthi?  

A.  9
B.  10
C.  11
D.  13

Answer : B.  10

2. Murugan ranked ninth from the top and thirty eighth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?  

A. 44
B. 45
C. 46
D. 47

Answer : C. 46

3. Nitin ranks eighteenth in a class of 49 students. What is his rank from the last?  

A.  18
B.  19
C.  31
D.  32

Answer : D.  32

4. A class of boys stands in a single line. One boy is nineteenth in order from both the ends. How many boys are there in the class?  

A.  27
B.  37
C.  38
D.  39

Answer : B.  37

5. In a row of 40 boys, Sathish was shifted 10 places to the right of Rohan and Kewal was shifted 10 places to the left of Vilas. If Vilas was twenty sixth from the left and there were three boys between Kewal and Sathish was shifting, what was the position of Rohan in the row?  

A.  10th from the right end
B.  10th from the left end
C.  39th from the right end
D.  Data inadequate

Answer : D.  Data inadequate

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