Daily Reasoning Quiz – Ranking @ 25, 26, 27th Jan 2019

21. Aruna ranks twelfth in a class of forty-six.What will be her rank from the last ?  

A.  33
B.  34
C.  35
D.  36

22. Manisha ranked sixteenth from the top and twenty ninth from the bottom among those who passed an examination. Six boys did not participate in the competition and five failed in it. How many boys were there in the class ?  

A. 40
B. 44
C. 50
D. 55

23. Ravi is 7 ranks ahead of Sumit in a class of 39. If Sumit’s rank is seventeenth from the last, what is Ravi’s rank from the start ?  

A.  14th
B.  15th
C.  16th
D.  17th



Answer : C.  16th

24. In a queue, Amnta is l0th from the front while Mukul is 25th from behind and Manna is just in the middle of the two. If there be 50 persons in the queue, what position does Mamta occupy from the front ?  

A.  20th
B.  18th
C.  17th
D.  19th

25. Raman ranks sixteenth from the top and forty ninth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?  

A.  64
B.  65
C.  66
D.  Cannot be determined

Answer : A.  64

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