Daily GK Quiz @ 31st dec 2018

Q.11 Which player won the Brazil Grand Prix on Sunday November 11, 2018?

Ans .  Driver Luise Hamilton of Marshdise

Q.12 Which Indian wrestler has secured the number one rank in the 65kg category in the world?

Ans .  Bajrang Punia

Q.13 Where is ICC Women World 20-20 being played in 2018?

Ans .  West-Indies

Q.14 Which country will host the World Corporate Play in 2019?

Ans .  Qatar

Q.15 In Which state of Saura Jalnidh has been launched?

Ans .  Odisha

Q.16 In which state is the Valmiki Tiger Reserve located?

Ans .  Bihar

Q.17 Who is the Chairman of the 33rd ASEAN Summit held in Singapore?

Ans .  Prime Minister of Singapur Lee Hasin Lunga

Q.18 In what direction will India start exporting raw sugar from the beginning of 2019?

Ans .  China


Q.19 Where in India be organized as 49 International Film Festival?

Ans .  Goa


Q.20 Which player has won the Sarlorks Open Badminton Tournament in Germany?

Ans .  Shubhamkar Day

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