Daily English Quiz – Verbal Ability @ 10,11th Jan 2019

Q.9 The king ______ rebel.

(A) excused

(B) forgave

(C) pardoned

(D) none of these

Ans .  C

Q.10 I saw a ______ of cows in the field.

(A) group

(B) herd

(C) swarm

(D) flock

Ans .  B

Q.11 Tenacious…..

(A) holding fast

(B) collecting

(C) fast running

(D) intentional

Ans .  A

Q.12 Terse

(A) brief in speech

(B) beyond fear

(C) without honor

(D) under strain

Ans .  A

Q.13. We are —— with your behavior.
A. please
B. pleased
C. pleasure
D. being pleasuring

Ans .  B

Q.14. The dress warrants ——
A. washed
B. wash
C. being washed
D. washing

Ans .  C

Q.15 Monkey
A. monkieses
B. monkeys
C. monkies
D. none of these

Ans .  B

Q.16 Quarter
A. quarteres
B. quarterres
C. quarters
D. none of these

Ans .  C

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