Daily English Quiz – Tag Questions @ 4th Jan 2019

DIRECTIONS : Select the correct Question Tags.

11. Suriya has received a letter.
A. does she?
B. doesn’t she?
C. has she?
D. hasn’t she?

12. Sathyadasan can play on violin.
A. does he?
B. can’t he?
C. could he?
D. can he?

13. Every one is liable to make mistake?
A. is he?
B. do they?
C. are they?
D. aren’t they?


14. Every one can do it.
A. cant he?
B. wont he?
C. can he?
D. can’t they?


15. I never drink coke.
A. did I?
B. will I?
C. do I?
D. don’t I?


16. We have plenty of time.
A. do we?
B. hasn’t we?
C. have we?
D. haven’t we?


17. The house is compartable.
A. was it?
B. is it?
C. isn’t it?
D. does it?

18. Everyone knows our Prime Minister?
A. do they?
B. doesn?t he?
C. don?t he?
D. doesn?t they?

19. We had not much money.
A. had we?
B. do we?
C. hadn’t we?
D. don’t we?


20. I am rich.
A. amn’t I?
B. aren’t I?
C. am I?
D. do I?


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