Daily English Quiz – Tag Questions @ 2nd-3rd Jan 2019

DIRECTIONS : Select the correct Question Tags.

1. It is very hot today?
A. isn’t it?
B. wasn’t?
C. was it?
D. is it?

2. Suganya will not come today?
A. shall she?
B. will she?
C. won’t she?
D. none of these

3. Indian team has beaten the Australian team.
A. does it?
B. hasn’t it?
C. has it?
D. is it?


4. None of the food was wasted.
A. wasn’t it?
B. isn’t it?
C. was it?
D. is it?


5. Boys rarely attend the class.
A. do they?
B. don’t they?
C. doesn’t he?
D. didn’t they?


6. Let us play.
A. can we?
B. do we?
C. shall we?
D. shalln?t we?


7. Let us attend the party.
A. shall not we?
B. shall we
C. shan’t we?
D. none of these

8. Arunkumar can play on violin?
A. does he?
B. could he?
C. can he?
D. can’t he?

9. Radhika sang well.
A. can she?
B. does she?
C. didn’t she?
D. is she?


10. I am honest.
A. didn’t I?
B. am I?
C. am not I?
D. aren’t I?


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