Daily English Quiz – Common Errors @ 1st Jan 2019

(11) We hope that Papa………soon.

(a) come

(b) is coming

(c) will come

(d) shall come

Ans .  C

(12) Neelam is learning how……..

(a) to type

(b) to typing

(c) typing

(d) type

Ans .  A

(13) Someone………away my bike within an hour.

(a) takes

(b) took

(c) has taken

(d) had taken

Ans .  C

(14) There are no taxies available because taxi drivers….on strike.

(a) went

(b) go

(c) have gone

(d) will go

Ans .  C

(15) He…….suffering from fever since the last week.

(a) is

(b) was

(c) has been

(d) has

Ans A

(16) She has been suffering from malaria since she…..her job.

(a) leaves

(b) had

(c) left

(d) has been leaving

Ans .  C

(17) They……..the students on educational tour on next Monday.

(a) were taking

(b) have taken

(c) are taking

(d) have been taking

Ans .  C

(18) I have just hired a typewriter and I…….type now-a-days.

(a) am learning

(b) have learnt

(c) learnt

(d) will learn

Ans B

(19) By July 2005, she……in this firm for eleven years.

(a) will work

(b) will have been working

(c) will be working

(d) has been working

Ans .  B

(20) The train…..before we reach the station.

(a) will have departed

(b) has departed

(c) is departing

(d) was departing

Ans .  A

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