Computer Quiz – Basic Internet @ 4th Jan 2019

Q.31. Cryptography is derived from the……..word

(A) Greek

(B) French

(C) Latin

(D) None of these

Ans .   A

Q.32. Cryptography is the study of information…….

(A) Hiding

(B) Verification

(C) Both of Above

(D) None of These

Ans .  C

Q.55……………………. argues that “artificial intelligence is the next stage in evolution.”

(A) Edward Fredkin

(B) George Dyson

(C) Nikeal Dyano

(D) None of these

Ans .   A

Q.57. The intelligent paradigm became widely acceptable during the period of …………..

(A) 1980s

(B) 1990s

(C) 1960s

(D) None of these

Ans .   B

Q.58. Artificial Intelligence consists of:

(A) Theoretical Side

(B) Experimental Side

(C) Both of above

(D) None of these

Ans .   C

Q.60. Long term goal for Artificial Intelligence is:

(A) Social Intelligence

(B) Creativity

(C) General Intelligence

(D) All of the above

Ans .   D

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